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Calaca Bingo

If you love e-bingo, here’s something exciting for you! Get ready to explore the lively and culturally rich world of Calaca Bingo, now available at WinZir Casino. This fun online bingo game takes inspiration from Mexico’s famous Day of the Dead celebration, known as Dia de los Muertos. With its unique mix of tradition and entertainment, WinZir Calaca Bingo is set to become your go-to spot for winning. Let’s dive into the details of this engaging game and find out what makes it special.

What is Calaca Bingo

What is Calaca Bingo

Calaca Bingo stands out from your regular bingo games, and here’s why. It’s crafted by Jili Gaming, a well-known creator of slot machines and casino games. What makes this bingo game truly special is its captivating Mexican cultural theme. When you dive into the game, you get to decide whether you want to play with 1 to 4 bingo cards, giving you the flexibility to shape your gaming experience according to your preferences. So, not only do you get the thrill of bingo, but you also get to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Mexican culture as you play. It’s a unique blend that makes Calaca Bingo an exciting and personalized gaming adventure.

Enjoyable Features

Calaca Bingo comes with a bunch of things that make your gaming more fun:

  1. Extra Balls: If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can get extra balls during the game. It’s like having more shots at winning!   
  2. Bonus Symbols: Keep an eye out for special symbols that can get you cool prizes. Experience the exhilaration of uncovering secret treasures within the game.
  3. Maximum Payout: The most you can win in the game is 3000 times what you bet. That’s a lot of winning potential and makes every round more exciting.

This mix of tradition and gaming fun is something special, especially if you’re into Mexican culture and online gaming.

How to Play Calaca Bingo by Jili at WinZir 

How to Play Calaca Bingo by Jili at WinZir

Now that you’re enthusiastic about exploring the world of Calaca Bingo by Jili at WinZir , let’s break down the basics to ensure you start off on the right track.

Bingo Card Options

  • Choose Your Cards: You can buy anywhere from 1 to 4 bingo cards for each game.
  • Increase Your Chances: Having more cards boosts your chances of winning in the game.
  • Payout Matching: When the lines on the chart match, it means you’re in for a payout.
  • Higher Odds, Better Prize: If a prize line is completely covered by a line with better odds, you get the higher odds prize.
  • Odds Determination: The odds depend on how much a single bingo card costs.

Extra Balls

  • Timing to Buy: After 30 balls have been played, you get the chance to buy extra balls, but only if you’ve achieved a certain level of prepared hands.
  • Maximum Purchase: You can buy up to 10 additional balls to enhance your chances of winning.
  • Cost Details: The price of these extra balls varies, and it depends on the cash value of the prepared hands you’ve reached.

Bonus Game

  • Unlocking the Bonus: Win two rewards, and you’ll get the chance to play a bonus game.
  • Easy Activation: The bonus game is right there on the screen, and all you need to do is click to start the excitement.
  • Reward Choices: In the bonus game, you can win points or choose to exit. The best part? You can keep drawing until you’re ready to leave.
  • Uninterrupted Play: Even if there’s a disconnection, don’t worry. The game keeps going until it’s all counted and completed. Check out your prize in the game history when you’re ready.

Wild Ball

  • Earning a WILD Ball: Occasionally, you can earn a special WILD Ball during your game.
  • Choosing a Number: Once you’ve got the WILD Ball, you get to pick any number on your bingo card.
  • Becoming the Chosen Number: The chosen number becomes the WILD Ball for your game.
  • Automatic Selection: If you take more than 15 seconds to choose, don’t worry! The WILD Ball will automatically pick the number with the highest value for you.

Lightning Hit 

  • Buying Extra Balls: When you decide to purchase extra balls, something special might happen.
  • Chance of Lightning Hit: There’s a possibility of triggering a Lightning Hit during this purchase.
  • Random Number Selection: In a Lightning Hit, the game randomly selects 1 to 3 extra numbers.
  • Boosted Bingo Chances: This random selection increases your chances of achieving a bingo in the game.

Free Ball

  • Buying Too Many Balls Phase: When you’re in the phase of purchasing multiple balls, something cool might happen.
  • Chance for a Free Ball: You might get a chance for a free ball, meaning you can get the next ball without using your money.
  • Automatic Purchase After 10 Seconds: If you haven’t made any purchases for over 10 seconds, no worries! The game will automatically make the purchase on your behalf.

Strategies for Winning in Calaca Bingo

Strategies for Winning in Calaca Bingo
  • Multiple Cards, Higher Odds: Buy more bingo cards to increase your chances of marking off numbers quickly.
  • Optimize WILD Balls: When you get a WILD Ball, pick a number that helps your card’s progress.
  • Manage Your Budget: Set a budget for your gaming sessions to enjoy the game without risking too much.
  • Pay Attention to Patterns: Watch and remember the numbers called during the game to predict what might come up next.
  • Stay Informed About Odds: Understand how odds work based on the price of the bingo card.
  • Utilize Lightning Hits: Trigger a Lightning Hit whenever you can while buying extra balls.
  • Strategic Bonus Play: When the bonus game is offered, decide if you want to play or exit wisely.
  • Participate in the Community: Share strategies and tips with other Calaca Bingo players to improve your game.
  • Game History Analysis: Check your game history regularly to see what strategies are working for you.


Calaca Bingo is an online bingo game inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. It lets players win prizes while enjoying a lively cultural theme.

The Lightning Hit feature happens when you buy more balls. It randomly adds 1 to 3 extra numbers on your card, increasing your chances of getting a bingo.

Yes, you can buy a maximum of 10 extra balls. The cost depends on the cash value of the prepared hands.

If you disconnect, the game keeps going automatically until it’s done. Check your prizes in the game history afterward.


Calaca Bingo by Jili at WinZir is a fun online game that captures the lively spirit of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration. You can buy up to four bingo cards, enjoy features like WILD Balls and the Lightning Hit, and play a strategic bonus game. Whether you’re a bingo pro or new to the game, this culturally rich experience promises lots of entertainment.

So, why wait? Join the fun at WinZir Calaca Bingo and enjoy the thrill of Mexican culture and bingo all in one exciting game.

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