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In the thrilling realm of sports betting, elevate your experience by choosing a platform that not only presents a diverse array of sports but also delivers cutting-edge pre-match betting features. Look no further than WinZir, a PAGCOR licensed sports betting app and website. This premier destination caters to both soccer enthusiasts and sports bettors, providing an all-encompassing pre-match advanced betting platform. Let WinZir redefine your sports betting journey and take it to unparalleled heights. Unleash the excitement with every wager.

WinZir | A PAGCOR Licensed Sports Betting Powerhouse

WinZir A PAGCOR Licensed Sports Betting Powerhouse

WinZir is not just another sports betting platform; it is a PAGCOR licensed app and website, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment for users. This licensing adds a layer of trust and reliability, allowing bettors to place their wagers with confidence, knowing that WinZir adheres to industry standards and regulations.

The platform boasts an extensive selection of sports, catering to the diverse interests of sports enthusiasts in the Philippines. Whether you are a basketball fanatic following the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) or an international NBA (National Basketball Association) enthusiast, WinZir provides a top-notch betting experience for both local and international basketball leagues.

Soccer, Boxing, Volleyball, Tennis, and More – WinZir’s Extensive Sports Coverage

Soccer, Boxing, Volleyball, Tennis, and More - WinZir_s Extensive Sports Coverage

Soccer enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the intricacies of pre-match analysis on WinZir. From studying team form and head-to-head records to analyzing key player insights, WinZir empowers Soccer lovers to place strategic bets and maximize their chances of winning.

The platform extends its advanced betting features to other sports, including boxing, volleyball, tennis, and more. Whether you’re a fan of the sweet science, a spike enthusiast, or a tennis aficionado, WinZir provides a platform for in-depth pre-match analysis and strategic betting across various sports.

Advanced Features and Tools

Advanced Features and Tools

At WinZir, the pre-match betting experience is elevated with advanced features and tools. The platform provides access to comprehensive sports data, including live statistics, historical records, and expert predictions. This wealth of information allows bettors to devise winning strategies and capitalize on valuable betting opportunities.

Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to sports betting, WinZir’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through various pre-match betting markets. The platform’s design ensures that users can effortlessly select wagers aligned with their predictions, enhancing the overall betting experience.

PAGCOR Licensing

PAGCOR Licensing

With PAGCOR licensing, WinZir guarantees fair play and security. Bettors can place their wagers with confidence, knowing that WinZir adheres to regulatory standards and prioritizes the integrity of the betting experience. The licensing adds a layer of credibility to WinZir, making it a trusted platform for sports enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Soccer Betting Lines Decoded

Soccer Betting Lines Decoded

To grasp soccer betting, it’s crucial to understand the betting lines and how they work. Soccer matches are unique in that they don’t always yield a clear winner. In regulation time, a match can end in a win, a loss, or a draw. Most soccer betting lines are designated and graded on the 90-minute regulation time result, excluding any extra time played.

In knockout matches, where a result is required, teams may play two 15-minute halves of extra time, followed by penalty kicks if necessary. Now, let’s delve into the various soccer betting lines and their explanations.

Soccer Moneylines

Simplify your soccer bets using the direct approach of the moneyline. It involves picking a winner with odds assigned based on their implied probability of winning the game. However, due to soccer’s low-scoring nature, the three-way moneyline is more popular. This includes a win for Team 1, a draw, and a win for Team 2, presented in a 1X2 format.

For example:

  • USA: +145
  • Draw: +195
  • Wales: +190

In this scenario, the odds favor the U.S at +145 to win against underdog Wales at +190. The draw has the longest odds at +195, indicating it’s less likely than one of the teams winning outright.

Two-Way Soccer Moneylines

The two-way moneyline removes the draw option and adjusts the odds on either side to reflect the likelihood of a win versus a loss. This is commonly referred to as “draw no bet,” and the rules may vary among sportsbooks.

For example:

  • USA: -135
  • Wales: +105

Here, oddsmakers favor the United States at -135, with Wales as the underdog at +105. If the match ends in a draw, bets are typically returned, depending on the book’s rules.

Soccer Double Chance Lines

Double chance lines offer a way to protect against the uncertainty of a three-way moneyline by allowing wagers on two of the three outcomes simultaneously. This reduces risk but may come with prohibitive odds for favorites.

For example:

  • Belgium and Draw: -135
  • Canada and Draw: +105
  • Belgium and Canada: -600

In this instance, betting on Canada to either win or draw returns $230 for a $100 wager, providing a way to play underdogs without the risk of choosing the wrong option in the three-way moneyline.

Soccer Spreads

Similar to other sports, soccer spreads involve a point spread or handicap. Sportsbooks set spreads between 0.5 and 2 goals, with the favorite needing to win by a certain margin and the underdog needing to lose by a specified margin or win outright.

For example:

  • Belgium -1.5: +109
  • Canada +1.5: -119

Here, a $100 bet on Belgium to win by two or more goals would return $109, while a $119 bet on Canada would pay $100 if they lose by one goal or fewer or win outright.

Goal Line – Over/Under Totals

The goal line, also known as Over/Under totals, predicts the total number of goals scored in a match. Oddsmakers set a projected number, and bettors wager on whether the actual total will be over or under that figure.

For example:

  • Belgium vs. Canada Over 2.5 goals: -138
  • Belgium vs. Canada Under 2.5 goals: +110

Here, a $138 bet on the Over would return $100 if three or more goals are scored, while a $100 bet on the Under would pay $110 if two or fewer goals are scored.

Soccer Futures

Futures bets involve long-term predictions, offering opportunities for significant payouts. Markets include winners of competitions, team relegation, and individual accolades. Odds change throughout the season or tournament based on results, injuries, and trends.

For example:

Odds to Qualify for 2022 World Cup Group F:

  • Belgium: -700
  • Croatia: -220
  • Morocco: +200
  • Canada: +270

Odds to Win Group F:

  • Belgium: -150
  • Croatia: +230
  • Morocco: +850
  • Canada: +1100

Here, Belgium is heavily favored to advance, while the odds for winning the group vary.

Soccer Props

Prop bets allow betting on specific events or statistics during a match. They include player goals, assists, bookings, total cards shown, and other in-game events.

For example:

USA vs. Wales Both Teams to Score:

  • Yes: +102
  • No: -128

Here, betting “No” would return $100 on a $128 wager if one or both teams fail to score, while “Yes” would pay $102 on a $100 bet if both teams score.

Soccer Derivative Odds

Derivative odds focus on specific segments of a match, such as the first or second half, specific time frames, or in-game events.

For example:

Time of First Goal:

  • USA First Half: +125
  • USA Second Half: +210
  • USA No Goals: +195
  • Wales First Half: +140
  • Wales Second Half: +220
  • Wales No Goals: +160

Here, bettors can wager on when each team will score its first goal, offering opportunities for precise predictions.

Asian Handicaps

Asian handicaps provide a more complex way to wager on spreads and totals, allowing bettors to split their wagers across two bets with fractional goals. This offers more flexibility in managing risk.

For example:

Belgium vs. Canada Asian Goal Total:

  • Over 2.75 goals: -110
  • Under 2.75 goals: -101

Asian Spread:

  • Belgium -1.75: +129
  • Canada +1.75: -166

Here, the Asian goal line of 2.75 allows bettors to split their wager on over 2.5 and over 3.0 goals. The Asian spread also provides a nuanced approach to handicapping.

Where Can I Bet on Soccer?

Where Can I Bet on Soccer

Soccer’s global popularity drives a vast betting market, and choosing the right platform is crucial. With numerous leagues, games, and tournaments available, it’s essential to select trustworthy betting sites. Covers provides an expert-reviewed list of the most trusted soccer betting sites, ensuring a secure and enjoyable betting experience all you can find in WinZir.

How to Read Soccer Odds

How to Read Soccer Odds

Understanding soccer odds is vital for successful betting. American odds are commonly used, with the favorite set at a negative number (e.g., -120), the underdog at a positive number (e.g., +360), and the draw with positive odds (e.g., +240). An odds converter can help translate these numbers for clearer understanding.

Soccer Betting Strategies for Success

Soccer Betting Strategies for Success

Making money from soccer betting requires time, knowledge, and attention to detail. Several strategies can give bettors an edge:

  1. Know the Rules of Each Wager: Different books have different rules for bets, and understanding them is crucial. Pay attention to specific rules for goalscorer props, extra time, and other nuances.
  2. Injuries and Lineups Matter: Lineups, announced about 60 to 90 minutes before kickoff, can significantly impact odds. Pay attention to manager press conferences, injury reports, and historical lineups to anticipate line movements.
  3. Understand Team Motivations: Team motivations vary, especially in tournaments. Some teams may play defensively to secure a draw, while others aggressively seek a win. Knowing the context and team motivations helps in making informed bets.
  4. Dig into Tactics: Soccer is highly tactical, and understanding how teams prefer to play can be advantageous. Analyze strengths, weaknesses, and playing styles to identify value in betting lines.
  5. Shop Around for the Best Price: Different sportsbooks offer different odds and lines. Shopping around for the best prices ensures that you get the most value out of your bets.


Soccer betting involves predicting outcomes in soccer matches and placing wagers based on those predictions. It’s a way for fans to add excitement to the game and potentially earn winnings.

In a three-way moneyline, you bet on either Team 1, Team 2, or a draw. Odds are assigned to each outcome, and you choose which one you think will happen after 90 minutes of play.

Double chance bets let you cover two outcomes in a match, such as Team 1 winning or drawing, or Team 2 winning or drawing. It’s a way to reduce risk in your soccer bets.

Asian handicaps add a unique twist to spreads and totals in soccer betting by incorporating fractional goal values. They offer more flexibility for bettors to manage risk and find value.

To improve your soccer betting strategies, look for reliable information on team motivations, player injuries, lineups, and tactics. Utilizing trustworthy sources will help you make informed decisions.


Winzir emerges as a premier sports betting platform, offering a wide range of sports for enthusiasts in the Philippines. With PAGCOR licensing, users can trust the security and fairness of the platform. The advanced pre-match betting features, particularly in basketball and football, elevate the overall betting experience. Soccer enthusiasts can benefit from the comprehensive guide to soccer betting lines, provided by Winzir, making informed decisions and maximizing their chances of success. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to sports betting, Winzir provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring an engaging and rewarding journey in the world of sports betting. Choose Winzir for a secure, diverse, and advanced sports betting experience.

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